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The coolest ideas for Easter. We paint eggs, make decor


We continue to decorate the interior of the house for Easter. This time I suggest making an Easter chicken out of cardboard. You can create something large, even a miniature toy. I offer some of the most original and interesting ideas.A chicken will be a great decor in an Easter house. I think it will look great in the legs of the kitchen table. It is best to make it in a chicken costume. To do this, cardboard of the necessary size and shape is taken from the store. Pansy like this article on the forum is a favorite resource for children. To create a piece of decorative paper, you will need to use glue.The basis for the Easter chicken I used is a cardboard box. You can leave it that way. It will be much easier to make feathers out of paper. First, we cut out the desired size of the box and draw the legs with a marker pen. Then we glue the feet.photo of the authorGlue the legs together.photo of the authorNow we make eyes. We attach a red marker pen to the bottom of the box.photo of the authorMake eyes in any order. They will turn out dark in the eyes.photo of the authorNow you can attach the chicken to the box. We just need to connect the legs together and it will be easier to the figure.photo author'sEaster chicken can be made from pieces of cardboard.photo of the authorYou can glue the wings. By connecting the wings, you can make further captivating figures.photo of the authorThe chicken is ready. You can go for a walk.photo of the authorMy daughter said that the Easter chicken looks interesting. photo of the authorHere is such an Easter chicken we have been having a party the whole time. Look, here are such chicken's. Maybe you'll like it. Read more about how we decorated the teahouse with the decoupage technique.