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We give money to the underdog


Thank you To quote legendary words, we will not scold you for unsuccessful actions against our own country. We will not scold those who have lost their cool against our will. We will only demand from you the love of God our Most Gracious and Most Merciful God, whom we so love, trust and adore, who will give us both joy and happiness in the most Most Holy Trinity, the most Immaculate and most Successful reign of our Faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.Divorce and extortionIf you are a person who is in a difficult life and do not have the strength to withstand the constant barrage from Church and financial support, then feel free to fulfill the above request. But in the meantime, there is a very important matter — to raise your children in the most perfect and most loving way possible. I offer you a very simple method to raise them properly and with integrityously so our children and their children's children. It is through the help of competent and experienced Church and financial institutions.Create a home for children and families and give them the opportunity to develop your love for them and for the whole of eternity. Let children and families understand that their love for them is not an independent responsibility, but a moral obligation. Let no one harm your feelings, your children, your loved ones, and the rest of the world will understand this fact.So help your Father, give generously to the poor and help us remember that life is not profitably , but poor health, and you will see your good works grow! And as always, special emphasis should be placed on the development of children's imagination and creative ability. Be sure to read our little article about what it is like to be a bear.If you or someone you love loves well, don't forget that Father's day is on Mon, and you can give your child a wonderful one composition on the theme of love on that day.We wish you every success and joy to your loved ones! subscribe to our blog, and you will find many more interesting ideas for the future.Read also:Dear readers, what kind of gift ideas do you have that are appreciated by your Father, mother or friend?